Business is boring Podcast

While I would love to spend more of my time writing, the reality of running a hospitality busines, is at times too time consuming. Right now, the industry in New Zealand, but especially in Auckland is struggling with quite concerning staff shortages due to many migrant workers having left the country and because of New Zealand’s ‘Drawbridge’-Mentality during the global pandemic, nobody has been able to come in. Ergo, many businesses, not only in hospitality, are struggling to find staff.

How at this point in time, the government decided to tighten the conditions for migrant workers to come to New Zealand even further baffles me and I think many others in this industry. I intend to share some more thoughts on this topic shortly, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share the following podcast with you.

I had the honour to be interviewed by Simon Pound of the Spinoff’s ‘Business is boring’ podcast. A series of interviews with inspired New Zealand business people from all industries. It was great fun.

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